1.5 Seoul ArtBook Fair 2017

One of my best friends, Koji asked me to buy some special Calendar for him from 2017-Seoul artbook Fair.

I loved to go! and I got two Calendars. (One for him, and another one for me! 🙂  )


(This is it!!! From Commune Press, Tokyo  |   Instagram: Commune | Commune Press, Tokyo )

The fair was free~ and it was sooooo fun! 🙂   Thanks to Koji!

and these are my pictures from today.

(Seoul, Korea)


(the Fair ticket!)


So many people came to see and it was so crowded.

There are the 1st floor and the 2nd floor, but I only watched the 2nd floor.

(Cause there are toooooo many people!  YES, ArtBookFair –  it is popular!)

You will see the pictures of today!>>



I got some goods from the fair, and I’ll show it tomorrow~


🙂   ~*

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